Friday, 29 June 2012

My Year So Far

My year so far has been quite successful I think :)

I had a great two week work placement with Rachael Taylor in February. I then continued to help Rachael but from home, I now write a weekly blog post on a Friday as well as helping out now and again if needed.

I started volunteering in late May at Leicester Print Workshop once a week, I will continue with this for as long as I can. I do general chores and helping out around the print room with a variety of jobs.

I started freelancing in April for a new studio called Black Cherry based in Glasgow, Scotland. I have really enjoyed the work they have given me to do so far and will hopefully have many more to come.

I have cut my overtime down at my retail shop to focus more on my designing, which of course is much more important and enjoyable.

I have realized that my ambition to start up my own business is quite a big step at the moment and is asking quite a lot from myself. I still need to discover my signature style first and gain more work experience as well. I'd like to apply to other studios for more freelance work as I really enjoy working at home, I can motivate myself quite well.

Also, I have realized that I have gained so much knowledge within the last year since finishing University, more than what I did at University which is frustrating sometimes, but I love learning so it doesn't matter. It's true what they say, you learn something new everyday.

I am finally going up in the world :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Texture in Fashion

Browsing through Harpers Bazaar magazine (April issue) and I came across some beautiful, inspiring, textured fashion garments.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Keeping Positive

You may have already noticed but I find quotes really inspirational and motivating.  I have recently printed quite a few from my laptop and placed them on my board above my desk to help me.  You should maybe try it too, really helps if you're really down and brings a smile back onto your face.  My favorite is from a teacher who wrote it in my leaving book when I left school, this was 6 years ago and has stuck in my head ever since.

 "Believe in yourself, then you can do anything"

Monday, 25 June 2012

H! by Henry Holland

H! by Henry Holland latest fashion prints amongst dresses, denim and more at Debenhams.  I particularly love the ladybird blouse in image 5.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Aimée Wilder

It's Follow Friday!

Aimée Wilder is a designer born and raised in New York City.  Aimée graduated in 2001 from 'The Art Institute of Chicago,' soon after, she became a freelance graphic designer.  She has also worked in-house for companies including Designspace, Dwell, and Martha Stewart Living.

Aimée is currently working freelance and will shortly have designs on various products including iPhone covers, stationary and interiors.  Although Aimée is graphic based, she has developed a love for pattern too particularly for wallpaper.

Aimée is inspired by many things around her including contemporary graphic art and the design world.  Many graphic subject areas including typography, logo design and illustration are a huge influence on Aimée's work.  Although she is currently working on textile home products and accessories as well as fashion.

Aimée also has an online shop selling a variety of products.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Big, Bold and Beautiful

Each of these ceramics and textiles are from various of interior stores including Anthropologie, Liberty, Marks and Spencer, Designers Guild, John Lewis, Selfridges and many more.  They are beautifully presented for photo shoots for Red Magazine (May Issue).  The different patterns, colours and textures of the designs compliment one another very well.

Creative Director Mary Norden
Photographs Laura Edwards

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

This Seasons Must Haves

Every month Company Magazine has a section on 'This Seasons Must Haves.'  Although I think these three fashion garments are the main trends for this summer.  I'd love to have one of each, particularly the printed blazer.  There are some beautiful prints out and about at the moment.  Do you own any of these fashion garments?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Festival Fever

Here are some lovely festival fashion trends for this season I discovered in Company Magazine.  There are a variety of fashion garments to choose from, of course depending which festival(s) you are going to.  Are you going to any festivals this year?

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