Friday, 28 June 2013

Cathryn Nicholson

It's Follow Friday!

Cathryn Nicholson is an experience fashion designer based Victoria, Australia. Cathryn designs fashion prints for womanswear, menswear and childrenswear at Target Australia. Cathryn is also behind 'Pencil Stitches' creating illustrations. Cathryn creates beatuifully detailed pencil illustrations along with creative fashion prints. Cathryn has many clients including Mudpie, Dogwood London, Nine Plus and many more. You can follow Cathryn on twitter @pencilstitches

Have you always wanted to be a designer?

Yes & no. One of my youngest memories is drawing at my grandparents house by the window but when I was a little kid there were 3 main jobs that I wanted to do. An Archaeologist, a Marine Biologist & a Fashion Designer. When I was in secondary school, I realised I was more suited to the creative side of things as I am not keen on mud or getting cold in the water. However I was obsessed with 'Fashion Wheel' when I was a kid! I still have all my original designs from back in the day ;). It was only when I was 16, that I took it seriously. From studying fashion at Plymouth College of Art & Design was when I found my love for illustration as well. I was very lucky to have gone to a school where they encouraged you to learn new skills. I am now a full time fashion designer and illustrate on the side.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Beautiful Evening in Corfu

One evening after our meal we went for a walk along the beach of Sidari and towards a rather large rock.  Along the rock you can see where the sea has crashed against the rocks leaving beautiful lines, colours & textures.  Also the sunset was magnificent with such vibrant colours.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Marika Ukonaho

It's Follow Friday!

Marika Ukonaho is the designer behind 'mooselane design' which was founded in 2012.  Marika creates pattern designs for homeware products.

'Mooselane design's aim is to create fun, playful designs and patterns on otherwise ordinary homeware products.'

*quoted from mooselane design website

You can fin Marika on Facebook and follow her on twitter @mooselanedesign. You can view and buy mooselane design products from the website itself.

Have you always wanted to be a designer?

Not really. I've wanted to do something creative for as long as I can remember, but I have worked in a variety of businesses. I've discovered that I like combining design with business, so running my own business is really ideal.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Kal Gajoum

Kal Gajoum is an artist who is originally from Tripoli, Libya but is now resides in British Columbia, Quebec and France.  Kal tends to paint with oils and a palette knife giving textured, detailed and lively cityscape paintings bringing dull grey colours but with a tint of orange to brighten the scene.  He has created watercolour paintings too.

I love the detail, colours and textures within these paintings.  But I also love how some parts of the paintings are blurred taking away the detail but still showing clearing in a strange way what object is.  I think my favourite has to be the painting with a red London bus. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bird's Eye View

Over the next few weeks I will share a weekly blog post of inspiring photographs from my holiday to Corfu, Greece.  I went during the first week of June with two friends who I work with at my retail job.  It was a well deserved break and it gave me a chance to review several things in my life at the moment.  I've come back home didn't want to mind you, to have a fresh start and hopefully re-organize a few things.  This week I'd like to share photographs I took whilst in flight showing a beautiful bird's eye view of Corfu. Also a some mountains I saw on the way, I believe are the Alps. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sun, Sand & Sea

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well.

I have just had an amazing week away in Sunny Corfu! Don't worry I will share plenty of photographs very soon. The weather was beautiful, the staff at the hotel were fabulous and the location was fantastic. Walk across the road straight onto the beach. Perfect! I would love to go again and I'd recommend Corfu to anyone!

Just to warn you I am very busy at the moment now I'm back in the UK, so I apologies in advance for the lack of blog posts. I've started 'Reign Repeats' with Majo & will be starting 'The Art of Typography' with Faye on Friday via Skillshare. And of course I'll still be designing for Black Cherry Studio and working at my retail job as usual. This month will be full of learning, inspiration and creativity.

But for now here is a cheeky photograph from my holiday :)

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